Frequently Asked Questions

It sometimes takes a lot to make you  pick up the phone and start a long desired project that has been in the back of your mind. Oftentimes being unsure about budgets, timing or who to reach out to can all be factors that prevent us from moving forward.  Hopefully by answering some of your questions, we can make you feel a bit more comfortable and excited about the process towards living the good life, outdoors!


How long will my Hardscapes last?

Masonry is one of the most long lasting and durable investments you can make in your property. Choosing a classic design that will stand the test time may become the most important question  of all as our hardscape installations will likely outlast your design sensibilities.

How much will it cost?

Island Hardscapes works on projects of all sizes large and small. We provide quality work and always offer competitive value based pricing.  If you have a budget in mind we can work with you. Our projects are normally priced per square foot and are completely dependent on your choice of materials and the size of your project. Call us today or send us a quick email and we will happily book a free estimate to get you fast pricing.

How do I care for my Hardscapes?

Because Hardscapes are such durable materials there is very little maintenance involved. We always encourage our customers to keep their projects clean so that it is aesthetically pleasing and safe as they use their Hardscapes.

How can I see what materials I have to choose from?

Island Hardscapes is always happy to bring samples to your home so that you can see and feel the materials first hand.  The best option is to start by flipping through our portfolio and see what you like. Pinterest is also a great place to start for ideas and inspiration and we have gathered some of our favorites on our Pinterest page for just this reason.  Lastly you can always go to a local mason yard to see large amounts of the materials in person and get a better feel for what it is that you will like.

How long will my project take and how invasive is the installation?

Project installs can take anywhere from 3 days to 6 months and longer depending on what your project entails. At Island Hardscapes we take extra care to ensure that our scheduling fits well within yours and that you have a clear idea of what is involved well before we break ground.  Hardscapes installations are not usually a minor non-evasive event, however our crews are trained to work neatly and efficiently and we are always aware of leaving our properties in the best possible shape once our jobs are complete. Our reputation is our biggest asset and we depend on our happy customers giving us good referrals.

Should I choose pavers or natural stone?

Pavers are interlocking, easily removed for additions/repairs and no cracking. Pavers are aesthetically pleasing, with an array of sizes, shapes and colors to choose from. Pavers  mimic natural stone with less cost involved.
Natural stone is a beautiful bold statement that adds value to your home. It is authentic, timeless and long lasting.  Natural stone comes in a wide array of choices from bluestone, marble, granite to exotic foreign stones such rainbow stone from India.
Whatever your choice is Island Hardscapes will find the right stone or paver for your project and budget.